Saturday Movies Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook

We all feel a little crazy sometimes. Some of us more than others. Often it is when we reach our breaking point that we finally have what we need to grow. This film is all about understanding and appreciating where you are now and letting go of what you wish there was. Great for those cloudy days when you feel like you just can’t take it anymore.

Saturday Movies Stoker


This is a quiet film meant to be watched in stillness. There is alot going on, that is only revealed in small moments and whispers. There is a hitchcock feel to this psychological thriller, but that doesn’t take away from the wierdness of it all. It is meant for an indie audience that likes plots that don’t follow your expectations. It feels that the whole film is meant to make you uncomfortable, while drawing you in and making you engaged in understanding these characters. Its a cold kind of scary, that is approprate for a rainy afternoon at home.

The Five Year Engagement

This is a laugh out loud romantic comedy about waiting for the right time…that never comes. Even though there is some slapstick comedy in this film, there are also some touching aspects that made the longing feel relevant and realistic. There are even the, “I can’t believe that they got married before you” scenes. This movie seems like the kind of story that you want to be able to tell to your grandchildren about how you met, lost each other, then found each other again.