Failure to Launch

This film presents the conundum of having a man over the age of 35 that just won’t leave his parents house. By accident, his parents happen to run into a woman who is trained to help launch these late bloomers, and takes on their son as her next case. Although she tries to remain professional, it isn’t long before her feelings grow stronger than she has expected. This film is a classic romantic comedy and perfect for when you are in the mood for some laughs and some love.



This film takes on an inside look at the life of Diana Spencer in the few years before her death. Diana’s love affair with the surgeon that she met by chance, Dr. Hasnat Khan. Her relationship with Hasnat was passionate and full of obstacles since Diana was the most watched and photographed woman in the world. Hasnat wanted no part in the public image of Diana, and shunned the spotlight. The pressure brings their relationship to an end, even though their love for each other was still strong. Not long afterwards, Diana is suddenly killed in Paris, leaving Hasnat to grieve her death.

Saturday Movies The Notebook

The Notebook

This Nicholas Spark story has become a modern classic. Set in the 1940’s and ranging to modern times, this story follows two young lovers as they navigate the complexities of their relationship. Although they are in love, they are torn apart by society pressures to conform to expectations of them. The tragedy is matched by the drama of their affair as they determine if their love is worth fighting against everything else.

Saturday Movies Hank and Asha

Hank and Asha

A Documentary style movie never seemed so sweet. Hank and Asha tells the story of these two characters in video chats that they send to each other. You learn about them and grow with them as their relationship blooms. This film makes you question what it means to really be connected. It is a cute film that is open enough to make you fall in love with both of these characters.

Saturday Movies Must Love Dogs

Must Love Dogs

What happens when you are 40 and divorced? You get badgered by your well meaning family to date, more, someone, anyone. No on wants to be alone right? So her sister creates an online profile for Sarah to ensure that she find the right mate, who must love dogs. Through this Sarah meets Jake, who shows up for a doggy inspired date in the park that turns into an awkward mess. A great film for a lazy Saturday afternoon,  especially if you are a dog person.

Saturday Movies The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

This modern take on a classic tale is almost a musical, although not officially. There are vibrant scenes with familiar pop tunes underpinning the drama and the decadence. Watching this movie makes you want to have lavish parties and long for the time of the roaring twenties. There of course is the beauty of the sweet romance between Gatsby and Daisy, that harkens back to pre-teen beliefs about what love was about. A great movie to watch for a pick me up when you need to be projected into a world of allure and fantasy.

Saturday Movies Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends

Set in 1950s Ireland, the film focuses on the experiences of Bernadette “Benny” Hogan and her friends as they come of age. After completing high school,  the two girls reconnect in Dublin for college. While at university, the girls experience different relationships of varying degress of seriousness. When Benny’s father dies suddenly, she is forced to suspend her university studies to take care of her mother who is devastated by her husband’s passing. This is a good movie for a lazy day at home especially because of the beautiful views of Ireland.