James Bond is back and classing up the joint. After the promotion of the new M, Bond takes leave of MI6, but not before completing a rogue mission in Mexico City. From there Bond gets into the trouble that you have grown to expect. This James has started to refine his ways more and more and starts to show signs of the classic Bond that has brought the series much love over the years. Watch when you are the mood for some awesome visuals and adventure and of course great cars.

Saturday Movies Posthumous


Posthumous is a story about how some things seem better from the other side, if the other side means the other side of life. A struggling but talented artist is pronounced dead by accident. It is only then that his work gets the attention that he always wanted. If you are in the mood for an art film, this is one that fairs on the lighter side. There are great quotes about art and life that will aid your pensive mood.

Saturday Movies Furious 7

Furious 7

This is the seventh installment of the Fast and Furious movie franchise. The team is all back together again and the stakes are higher than ever. There are elaborate fight scences, death defying stunts and of course lots of fast driving. The action is non stop is visually appealing. Due to Paul Walker’s untimely death, there is also an endearing tribute that will dare you not to cry. Great film to watch when you are gathered together with friends.

Saturday Movies The Family

The Family

In this film, a mobster and his family are relocated to Europe via the witness protection program. The adjustment is not so easy as one might expect. Not to mention the fact that those that he has betrayed are hot on his tail to finish him off. Although there is some drama, this is also kind of a comedy. You will find that all of the family members have their own unique personality. This quirky film is good for a Saturday afternoon when you want to watch a dark comedy that isn’t too heavy.

Saturday Movies Blackhat


An imprisoned computer hacker is released when there is an attack on a chinese nuclear reactor that happens to use his code. That is the basis for this thriller. Although it seems to follow a regular script, there are a few unexpected twist that will keep you watching. This is a movie about computing technology, but is not overly heavy on its use. Instead you will see more intrigue and politics at play as the good guys go after the bad guys.

Saturday Movies Love, Rosie

Love, Rosie

This is the story of lifelong friends Alex and Rosie. Although they make plans to jump the pomd together and go to college in America, only Alex makes it there. Rosie is left to deal with some life issues and find a new place for herself in the world. Its a story about growing up and becoming the person you were always meant to be. Great for a lazy saturday afternoon.

Saturday Movies The Interpreter

The Interpreter

Silvia Broome is an African and UK citizen working as an interpreter at the UN. Because of something that she overhears by accident, she gets involved in the middle of a political battle involving a dictator of an African nation. In the midst of it all s he is struggling with her own loss, and find a connection with the Federal agent assigned to the case. This movie is a mixture of a suspense, political thriller, loss and love. Good for a time when you are not sure what you want to watch, but want to see something interesting.