If I Stay

In this movie we follow flashbacks in the life a young musician, Mia. She has grown up in a family of musicians, but struggles to find her identity. When Mia meets Adam, she starts to find the confidence to come out of her shell and find her true self. But, there is trouble ahead for Mia, Adam and the whole family. This is an emotional and endearing movie that makes you think about what you really want out of life. What would you do if you were given the choice to stay or to go?


Take Me Home

Thom is having a bad day. He has lost his job and his landlord is kicking him out. The only thing he has is his cab, which he drives illegally. Clare isn’t doing much better. She feels trapped in a life that she has built that doesn’t suit her. When she hears bad news about her dad, she jumps into Thom’s cab and tells him to drive and not stop. These characters end up learning a lot about themselves while they are out on the open road. This film feels like a misty gray day. Watch this when your thoughts are allowed to slow down and the mood is allowed to be a bit more downplayed.

Regarding Henry

Who would we be if we could make a different choice? This film allows you to take a dive into that question. Henry is by all means a successful and admired attorney, but a chance encounter changes everything for him. When he wakes up, he is not the same as he was and questions the decision that brought him to that point in this life. This is a good film when you are in a reflective mood and want to spend some time thinking about the details. A good me time kind of movie.

Promised Land

This film takes on the controversial subject of fracking for natural gas, with a less controversial stance than you would expect. Steve and Sue work for Global Energy, and they are visiting a small farming town in Pennsylvania. Their goal is to convert these residents into customers who allow the energy company to drill for natural gas, and possibly make them all rich. Their presence is threatened when Dustin shows up. He is an environmentalist who is out to prove that Global is no good. Steve realizes that things aren’t as simple as black and white and finds himself in a troubling situation. This film is slow and quite, but like the town that they visit. But it is also beautiful to watch and perfect for a lazy Sunday around the house.

The Words

This film feels like something that you would watch on a stolen afternoon. It is a film about fiction and about the lies that we tell ourselves. It is the story of a writer about a writer. But it is also the story of decisions that we make. The scenes in this film are rich and emotional. Because this is a film about story you can expect it to have a heavy literary hand and appeal to a writers touch. So this is great for an afternoon alone when you have some extra time on your hands.

The Intern

Jules is a young entrepreneur with a startup that is hip and growing like crazy. To keep with the growing demand, the company has sought out new interns. Except these interns should be senior, meaning 65 and over. When 70 Ben sees the ad, he immediately applies. He is retired but wanting to find some relevance through working again. Although the premise has the potential to be predictable, this film breaks from that mold. Easily a Saturday Afternoon movie for when you may be looking for some motivation to keep pursuing your own crazy idea, or comfort in the fact that your experience is needed no matter how irrelevant you may feel.

saturday movies beyond the lights

Beyond The Lights

Sometimes when you have it all, it feels like you have nothing. That is where this story begins with Noni, a young popstar that is making a big splash in her singing career. On a particularly vulnerable night, she encounters officer Kaz Nicol, who took an extra security shift to watch out for the pop princess. They develop an unlikely relationship that makes them both re-evaluate the way that they see their life choices. This film has several real moments where you can connect to the plight of both characters. This is a great me time movie to watch when are in an introspective mood.