The Adderall Diaries

This film, based on the book of the same name, is just as much a thriller as it is a memoir. It follows the author Stephen Elliot as an upcoming murder case forces him to delve into his past. Stephen is an accomplished author who is becoming the toast of the literary world. When this case enters his life, he begins to unravel as it brings up his own abused past and the strained relationship that he has with his father. Although this isn’t a light movie, it is a movies with moments of light. It is great for a quiet day at home when you are in the mood for something more introspective.


The Big Short

This movie shows you the true story of how a group of guys shorted the failing housing market. Back in 2005, no one thought that betting against the housing market made any sense. It was mortgages, the safest bet in town. But once some traders took a hard look at what was going on, they realized that not only was the housing market unstable, it was sure to fail…Big. If you are intrigued by what lead up to the financial crisis that started in 2007, and how we all missed it, this is the film for you.

The Machinist

This is a psychological film that feels like a modern day Hitchcock. Trevor Reznik is a machinist who suffers from extreme insomia. Every night he finds himself at the same dinner have coffee and pie at 1:30 am. He confesses that he hasn’t slept in a year. To make matters worse, it now appears that Trevor is being followed by a large man named Ivan. This is a cerebral film that takes you through the plot slowly. Watch this when you are in the mood for something a bit dark and a little bit eccentric.

Regarding Henry

Who would we be if we could make a different choice? This film allows you to take a dive into that question. Henry is by all means a successful and admired attorney, but a chance encounter changes everything for him. When he wakes up, he is not the same as he was and questions the decision that brought him to that point in this life. This is a good film when you are in a reflective mood and want to spend some time thinking about the details. A good me time kind of movie.

Zoolander 2

What happened to Derek Zoolander? It is the question on everyone’s lips as a string of celebrities are being attacked. It takes the Interpol Fashion Police to get involved to sort things out. Along the way, some familiar faces arise while the fight continues for fashion dominance. This Zoolander is updated for the modern era but still retains all the charm of the original.

Moon Saturday Movies


The year is 2035, and Lunar Industries has been supplying the energy needs on earth.  After an oil crisis, humanity switched its energy source to Helium-3, and Lunar industries is mining this on the moon. Sam Bell is an astronaut who’s has been stationed at a base on the moon for 3 years. 2 weeks before its time for him to return home, there is an accident, and he starts to notice some strange things happening. Sam starts to ask questions and learn the truth about his mission and about himself.

Saturday Movies The Royal Tenenbaums

The Royal Tenenbaums

Movies about families are always quirky, but this family is a bit beyond that. This is the tale of a family of geniuses in the winter of their discontent. The three Tenenbaum children are all grown up, and all messed up. Through a series of circumstances they all find themselves back home together again, plus their personal baggage. Strange and sentimental, this film is a good choice for a quiet day at home in the bed. There is just enough to keep you aware, but also great for a quiet day in between naps.