If I Stay

In this movie we follow flashbacks in the life a young musician, Mia. She has grown up in a family of musicians, but struggles to find her identity. When Mia meets Adam, she starts to find the confidence to come out of her shell and find her true self. But, there is trouble ahead for Mia, Adam and the whole family. This is an emotional and endearing movie that makes you think about what you really want out of life. What would you do if you were given the choice to stay or to go?


Take Me Home

Thom is having a bad day. He has lost his job and his landlord is kicking him out. The only thing he has is his cab, which he drives illegally. Clare isn’t doing much better. She feels trapped in a life that she has built that doesn’t suit her. When she hears bad news about her dad, she jumps into Thom’s cab and tells him to drive and not stop. These characters end up learning a lot about themselves while they are out on the open road. This film feels like a misty gray day. Watch this when your thoughts are allowed to slow down and the mood is allowed to be a bit more downplayed.

Love Actually

This is a Christmas film that you can watch anytime of the year. It is a compilation of several stories about the crazy ways that love affects us all. Being that it is set around Christmas time, the energy throughout the film reflects the season. There are characters that are woefully depressed, some that are scared, and many that seem to be a bit lost. It is a great film to watch when you are in the mood for some humor with your tears. Also lovely to pop in around the holidays to get you into the spirit of the season while still having fun while you do it.

Failure to Launch

This film presents the conundum of having a man over the age of 35 that just won’t leave his parents house. By accident, his parents happen to run into a woman who is trained to help launch these late bloomers, and takes on their son as her next case. Although she tries to remain professional, it isn’t long before her feelings grow stronger than she has expected. This film is a classic romantic comedy and perfect for when you are in the mood for some laughs and some love.

The Nanny Diaries

Annie is a fresh out of college and freaked out about where she is going in life. Her mother worked hard to give her the chance to have this “bright” future, and did not buy into Annie’s interest in Anthropology as a real career. Although, when Annie starts going on interviews, she realizes that she doesn’t know who she is or what she wants. Instead she decides to take a job as a nanny in order to give herself some time to figure things out. The world of the upper east side is so foreign and strange that Annie finds her anthropological skills in great use. Her growing relationship with the boy she cares for, Grayer, complicates her feelings towards her job because she doesn’t want to leave him even though the work is thankless. This is a good movie for a raining Saturday afternoon when you want a story that is less about romance and more about finding one’s self.

saturday movies beyond the lights

Beyond The Lights

Sometimes when you have it all, it feels like you have nothing. That is where this story begins with Noni, a young popstar that is making a big splash in her singing career. On a particularly vulnerable night, she encounters officer Kaz Nicol, who took an extra security shift to watch out for the pop princess. They develop an unlikely relationship that makes them both re-evaluate the way that they see their life choices. This film has several real moments where you can connect to the plight of both characters. This is a great me time movie to watch when are in an introspective mood.

Saturday Movies Confessions of a Shopaholic

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Ever feel that you are not living the life you deserve? Rebecca Bloomwood can relate, and when she feels this way she usually goes shopping. To the point where it has become an addiction of sorts. The ability to transform the way she feels on the inside with purchases on the outside have been what gets her through. But her bank account does not agree with her. To get where she wants to be she lies and looks fabulous, until it all catches up with her.