Local Color

This film is based on the true story of a summer in the 1970’s when a young boy got the chance to learn how to paint from a master.  18 year old John has been painting on his own for years, but wonders if he is truly good enough to be a real painter. When his local framer gives world that a well known artist named Nikoli lives nearby, John petitions him to be his assistant. During that following summer, John learns many things that he never expected, and got the opportunity to grow not only as a man, but as an artist.


The Adderall Diaries

This film, based on the book of the same name, is just as much a thriller as it is a memoir. It follows the author Stephen Elliot as an upcoming murder case forces him to delve into his past. Stephen is an accomplished author who is becoming the toast of the literary world. When this case enters his life, he begins to unravel as it brings up his own abused past and the strained relationship that he has with his father. Although this isn’t a light movie, it is a movies with moments of light. It is great for a quiet day at home when you are in the mood for something more introspective.

Regarding Henry

Who would we be if we could make a different choice? This film allows you to take a dive into that question. Henry is by all means a successful and admired attorney, but a chance encounter changes everything for him. When he wakes up, he is not the same as he was and questions the decision that brought him to that point in this life. This is a good film when you are in a reflective mood and want to spend some time thinking about the details. A good me time kind of movie.

Love Actually

This is a Christmas film that you can watch anytime of the year. It is a compilation of several stories about the crazy ways that love affects us all. Being that it is set around Christmas time, the energy throughout the film reflects the season. There are characters that are woefully depressed, some that are scared, and many that seem to be a bit lost. It is a great film to watch when you are in the mood for some humor with your tears. Also lovely to pop in around the holidays to get you into the spirit of the season while still having fun while you do it.

Words and Pictures

An English Literature teacher, with penchant for drink, meets his match in an elusive and strong Art teacher with her own problems. These two are on opposite ends of the artistic spectrum and battle it out using their weapons of choice, words and pictures. Their professional and sometimes personal rivalry ignites a fire in their students and inspires them to push beyond their limits. Following the dedication of writing and art will make you want to become an artist yourself. If you long for an art film that is a bit more down to earth, then add this to your list.

Rain Main

This is one of those films that it seems that everyone before you has watched. It follows the story of the Babbit brothers, Raymond and Charlie. Charlie is an self centered rich man’s son who didn’t know that he had an older brother Raymond. Raymond lives in a facility because he is an autistic savant. Charlie first learns of Raymond when his estranged father dies and he finds that all of the wealth has been bequeathed to Raymond, whom he did not know. Out of anger and spite, Charlie finds Raymond and attempts to learn how he can get his half of the inheritance. Over the course of these actions, Charlie finds that he wants more from Raymond than money. He wants to have the family that he felt he never had.

The Other Woman

In this film you take a look at the life of the other woman in the love triangle. Emilia meets Jack in the most typical ways, at work. The only thing is that he is her married boss. But this is not a story about how their affair started, or about love, it is a story about loss. Emilia and Jack have a child together, a young daughter, but all is not well. Emilia also struggles to get along with William, Jack’s son from his previous marriage. Although it seems that Emilia has gained everything that she wanted, she is on the verge of collapse. This is a complicated movie that depicts the hard parts of love and loss. It is much more than a tale about what happens after an affair. It is the tale of what happens to us humans when life gets messy.