High Fidelity

Even though this film was released in 2000, it feels like you are taking a step back into the 90’s. Rob Gordon is a record store owner and a guy who isn’t too lucky in love. When his latest girlfriend dumps him, he takes it as an opportunity to look at his past relationships to see what went wrong. There is a carousal of flashbacks as Rob looks over his love life while listening to vinyl records in his store. This fim feel quintessentially 90’s with its live alternative rock performances, slacker employees and angst. Great for a slow afternoon where you are in the mood for recent nostalgia.


Take Me Home

Thom is having a bad day. He has lost his job and his landlord is kicking him out. The only thing he has is his cab, which he drives illegally. Clare isn’t doing much better. She feels trapped in a life that she has built that doesn’t suit her. When she hears bad news about her dad, she jumps into Thom’s cab and tells him to drive and not stop. These characters end up learning a lot about themselves while they are out on the open road. This film feels like a misty gray day. Watch this when your thoughts are allowed to slow down and the mood is allowed to be a bit more downplayed.

Failure to Launch

This film presents the conundum of having a man over the age of 35 that just won’t leave his parents house. By accident, his parents happen to run into a woman who is trained to help launch these late bloomers, and takes on their son as her next case. Although she tries to remain professional, it isn’t long before her feelings grow stronger than she has expected. This film is a classic romantic comedy and perfect for when you are in the mood for some laughs and some love.

Saturday Movies The Switch

The Switch

Life doesn’t always work out the way that you plan. Thirty-something Kassie has a great life, and great friends but is still single. Wanting to have a baby she decides to go for it, and finds a donor. On the night of her insemination, her best friend Wally makes a switch, and changes everything. This is a light-hearted movie to watch with a charming kid that reminds us how great it can be to be a little unique. Great for a day at home when you are not doing anything in particular.

saturday movies beyond the lights

Beyond The Lights

Sometimes when you have it all, it feels like you have nothing. That is where this story begins with Noni, a young popstar that is making a big splash in her singing career. On a particularly vulnerable night, she encounters officer Kaz Nicol, who took an extra security shift to watch out for the pop princess. They develop an unlikely relationship that makes them both re-evaluate the way that they see their life choices. This film has several real moments where you can connect to the plight of both characters. This is a great me time movie to watch when are in an introspective mood.

The Boy Next Door Saturday Movies

The Boy Next Door

Claire is separated from her husband and a little vulnerable when she happens to meet the next door neighbors nephew, Noah. Noah shows an immediate attraction to Claire and flirts continuously. Soon things get out of control as Noah’s aggressive streak starts to show. What was once a sexy tryst turns into a nightmare. This film has a lot of visual candy with some eye popping scenes. This is great for a girls night in when you are in the mood for a luxuries that you shouldn’t have.

Saturday Movies The Lake House

The Lake House

This is a movie feels like a lonely valentine. Alex and Kate keep missing each other but they keep up their communication by letters they send to a lake house. It is a bit magical, but in a romantic comedy way. It is a great movie to watch with a cup of hot tea on a slow afternoon when you need a pick me up.