High Fidelity

Even though this film was released in 2000, it feels like you are taking a step back into the 90’s. Rob Gordon is a record store owner and a guy who isn’t too lucky in love. When his latest girlfriend dumps him, he takes it as an opportunity to look at his past relationships to see what went wrong. There is a carousal of flashbacks as Rob looks over his love life while listening to vinyl records in his store. This fim feel quintessentially 90’s with its live alternative rock performances, slacker employees and angst. Great for a slow afternoon where you are in the mood for recent nostalgia.

The Boy Next Door Saturday Movies

The Boy Next Door

Claire is separated from her husband and a little vulnerable when she happens to meet the next door neighbors nephew, Noah. Noah shows an immediate attraction to Claire and flirts continuously. Soon things get out of control as Noah’s aggressive streak starts to show. What was once a sexy tryst turns into a nightmare. This film has a lot of visual candy with some eye popping scenes. This is great for a girls night in when you are in the mood for a luxuries that you shouldn’t have.

Saturday Movies Get Hard

Get Hard

What do you do when you are accused of a Madoff style embezzlement of money scheme? You fight it in court because you believe in the power of the justice system. And when you lose, you hire your car washer to get you prepared for prison. At least, that is what James King does in this comedy. It makes fun of several stereotypes, from the well meaning rich guy, to the poverty stricken criminal to the gold-digger looking for Mr. Right. If you have a sense of humor about any of these stereotypes, this movie will make you laugh.

Saturday Movies Crazy Stupid Love

Crazy, Stupid, Love

This is a movie about the realities of love and life when things get complicated. Cal finds out that his wife of over 25 years has been having an affair and for him, everything changes. He is forced to examine himself and determine what he really wants out of life. He meets an new wing man that aims to help him find his manhood. This is one of those movies that makes you laugh loud as often as you feel the tears well up in your eyes. Great for times when you want to believe in love again.

Saturday Movies Gone Girl

Gone Girl

A movie that starts out as whodunit thriller always ask you to question everything that you know about the crime. This film takes it even further, when the story turns and you learn who is the real murderer. If you are in the mood for a fresh take on a murder mystery, this is a good pick for you. This film brings new meaning to the depths a woman scorned will go.

Saturday Movies Crazy Love

Crazy Love

This is a documentary about love gone wrong…..or maybe not. The story is told confessional style, and from the mouths of both people involve. There is a lot going on, and by the end you may scratch your head trying to determine what is really going on. It is a bit unusual, and brings up questions like, what is love?

Saturday Movies Love, Rosie

Love, Rosie

This is the story of lifelong friends Alex and Rosie. Although they make plans to jump the pomd together and go to college in America, only Alex makes it there. Rosie is left to deal with some life issues and find a new place for herself in the world. Its a story about growing up and becoming the person you were always meant to be. Great for a lazy saturday afternoon.