In this biopic we meet Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Born at the beginning of the twentieth century, Frida is a bold and confident woman in her day. She is crippled by an accident at the age of 18, which causes her to be bedridden for months. It is because of her immobilized state that she learns how to paint, and starts to create many of her famous self portraits. She is surrounded by the Mexican revolution and other fellow painters, like Diego Rivera, her husband, shape her life. This film feels more like a play and a work of art in itself. If you are in the mood for high level of visual entertainment along with a great story, this is the film to watch.



Jean-Michel Basquiat was a breakout star in the art world. At the early age of 19, the self taught artist started to take New York by storm. His unique blend of neo-expressionism  blended his roots as a graffiti artist which his commentary on race, capitalism and the American way of life. He quickly became a successful artist, with galleries selling out of his avant-garde paintings. But his success was cut short my a drug addiction that he couldn’t kick thanks to the loneliness that plagued him as he stood in a sea of crowds. Watch this film in you are in the mood for seeing the 80’s in a modern light, a feeling the sad lullaby of a talent taken too soon.

High Fidelity

Even though this film was released in 2000, it feels like you are taking a step back into the 90’s. Rob Gordon is a record store owner and a guy who isn’t too lucky in love. When his latest girlfriend dumps him, he takes it as an opportunity to look at his past relationships to see what went wrong. There is a carousal of flashbacks as Rob looks over his love life while listening to vinyl records in his store. This fim feel quintessentially 90’s with its live alternative rock performances, slacker employees and angst. Great for a slow afternoon where you are in the mood for recent nostalgia.

The Adderall Diaries

This film, based on the book of the same name, is just as much a thriller as it is a memoir. It follows the author Stephen Elliot as an upcoming murder case forces him to delve into his past. Stephen is an accomplished author who is becoming the toast of the literary world. When this case enters his life, he begins to unravel as it brings up his own abused past and the strained relationship that he has with his father. Although this isn’t a light movie, it is a movies with moments of light. It is great for a quiet day at home when you are in the mood for something more introspective.

The Big Short

This movie shows you the true story of how a group of guys shorted the failing housing market. Back in 2005, no one thought that betting against the housing market made any sense. It was mortgages, the safest bet in town. But once some traders took a hard look at what was going on, they realized that not only was the housing market unstable, it was sure to fail…Big. If you are intrigued by what lead up to the financial crisis that started in 2007, and how we all missed it, this is the film for you.

The Ides of March

This political drama shows just how much power can corrupt. This film feels more like a play than a movie.  There is are definitive acts that take you from an optomistic junior campaign manager to a person willing to leverage whatever he wants for more power. Watching this movie feels like listening in on someone else’s secret. It is good for a time when you are in the mood for a light thriller or a darker dramatic movie.


This Oscar winner is a satirical black comedy about the state of journalism and corporations in America. Although this film was originally released in 1976, it feels quite relevant as it explores topics such as downsizing, ageism, capitalist greed in decision making and the sensationalism in dramatic reality tv…before there was reality tv. It is also a movie classic and therefore worth the watch for that fact alone. This is a film to watch if you are in the mood for something that is smart and funny with a bit of shock value. It feels like the right kind of thing to watch when you are up late you want something meaty to watch.